Pros And Cons Of Homework

The debate has been on for a long time about the usefulness of homework or otherwise to the learning process. It has in some instances pitched the parent against their wards. Now, is homework beneficial to the learning process? Is homework a burden to students? We shall be providing the answers in an objective way that will address this issue of pros and cons of homework once and for all.

Why homework is useful

When students work on their homework outside the classroom, it is an opportunity to review what they have been taught in the classroom. It is an opportunity for the teacher to access the ability of the students. This will allow the teacher to come in where help is needed.

There should be an opportunity to apply what has been taught in the classroom in the outside world. This will make the learning process a complete cycle. At the early stage of learning when students are learning to read; homework can be a burden. But when they know how to read and write; it becomes an easy process.

The cons of homework

Alfie Khon; author and critic of homework believe that there is nothing good about homework. In his words: “It may be the greatest single extinguisher of children’s curiosity.”  He went on further: “There is little reason to believe that homework is necessary and no support for the assumption that it promotes good work habits, independence or self-discipline.”

However, there is a dissenting view opposed to this point of view. According to Wallace; “A gradual increase in the amount of homework over the K-through-8 or K-through-12 years can better prepare students for building necessary skills of time management and the responsibility for their own learning,”.

However, if we are to look at the topic very objectively, it can be seen that homework has some good side that will be beneficial to students no matter their grades in schools. There is no pain without its gain. When students take the responsibility of doing their homework; it will prepare them for the future challenges that they are going to face in life.

Parents and homework

In extreme cases where you feel homework is overwhelming for your kid; then you should step in and take the following measures. Take a closer look at the policy and find out areas you can lessen the burden on your kid.

Make a comparison between the district guidelines and the approach of your ward’s teacher to assigning homework with a view to creating a balance.  You have to be objective here, and sometimes a decision to buy assignment online can help a lot. Do not take sides with your ward. But where you find any imbalance that is against the curriculum; then you can speak up and stand up to defend your child’s interests. Anything contrary to that will be counterproductive.

However, it should be stated here that the focus of homework should be on quality and near on quantity. That way, the lessons for the kids in homework will be absorbed in a positive way that will be of help to the child in later years.

Final thoughts

Homework is an important part and parcel of the learning process. This article explains the main benefits and drawbacks of assignments done by students at home. As far as homework is an old subject of academic discussion, it is impossible to say for sure if assignments are beneficial or harmful for students.

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